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Like many around the world, I am a huge fan of the Olympics.  In addition to being somewhat of a sports addict, I love what the Olympics represent.  I love to see the look in the eyes of the athletes as they walk out to the event for which they have trained for their entire lives.  I am enthralled when a relatively unknown rises up and shocks the world with a gold medal performance.  And perhaps the most inspiring are those moments when you can see athletes giving their all, without a chance of making it to the podium for a medal, yet appreciating and relishing every single moment.  I literally get goose bumps thinking about it.

Part of being a healthy, balanced human being is finding what inspires us, what gives us passion and drive.  When we feel we don’t have enough motivation or challenge we feel lost.  There are certainly times when the day-to-day challenges I face as a husband, father and working professional can grind me down into a somewhat uninspired heap.  However, life is too short to let your mind remain in a state of “going through the motions.”  I’ve found to be happy I need (at least) 3-4 big, meaty projects at work, and 3-4 hobbies I’m “into” on the home-front (e.g fitness, photography, golf, skiing, etc.).  However, even with my sometimes OCD approach to work and hobbies, there are times when I need a bit more wind in my sails.  This is typically when I lean on family, friends and close colleagues – – as they would do the same for me.  However, during the two weeks that encompass the Olympic Games, I actually find living vicariously through others, learning about their stories and challenges for their often single moment to “give it all they have”, gives me just the boost and inspiration I need.

It’s not just about the the medals.  I have to add that I love the Nike campaign they’re running during the Olympics with the tag line “Find Your Greatness.” Have you been inspired today?

Small steps add up!