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Welcome to SmallSteps2Health!  I’m a husband, father and working professional with a passion for life and a desire to enjoy it as mush as possible.  As someone who’s always had a somewhat OCD approach to work and play, I began a dedicated fitness routine one winter during college finals (about 20 years ago) and have never looked back.  While I feel great and consider myself fit, I am by no means a health and fitness professional.  On the contrary, I work in Human Resources (please don’t hold this against me).  I did earn my doctorate, but not in a sports medicine, fitness, or a related field.  Thus, I will support many of my posts with data and research, but many will simply  include my personal (N=1) experience, learning, and perspective.

I started a fitness and health blog within my company a few years back, that instead of focusing on all of the extreme, challenging measures you can take to improve your health, focused on small, more manageable steps that “if done on a consistent basis” could lead to some very meaningful, positive transformation.  I think small steps add up when it comes to the health of your body, mind and soul.  To my surprise, something about the blog resonated, and my readership more than doubled the CEO’s blog (and yes as an achievement oriented person, I kind of liked that).  Over the past few months, the idea of shifting my blog to an external, out of the firewall, source has become more appealing.  I may not gain a following, and this could turn out to be a personal health & fitness journal, but that would be fine with me.

I hope you enjoy the blog and I look forward to learning from you along the way.  Comments and posts are very much appreciated!

Small steps add up!