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I know I’m not the only person out there who can be in the middle of a workout or a run, feeling tired and a bit lethargic, and then the right song comes on and muscles re-engage, pace and energy pick up – and you feel like you can take on anything.  The marketers at Nike have even added “Powersongs” to their Nike+ app, which I really enjoy, so the fact that music can fuel a great workout must be a universal truth.

There are a lot of “off the shelf” workout mixes you can buy, but from my perspective they tend to be a bit cliche and contrived.  I’d rather hear what songs fire you up while training, so that I can sample them and possibly add them to my workout routine.

Here are a few songs that are currently moving up the charts on my “powersong” list:

Here are a few of my favorite all time powersongs (all good for at least one more mile):

All are available on Amazon and iTunes, so feel free to give them a listen.   I’d love to hear what songs have been keeping you going, so post a comment with a few of your favorite workout tunes!  Or, if you’re a bit shy, how about 1 song that I should consider adding to my Powersong list?

Small steps add up!