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I’m a positive person and I try and take a really positive approach to my blog, but from time-to-time I see people do things that I find illogical when it comes to their heath – – and I have to call it out.  While there are a lot of unhealthy habits, and I am a believer that nobody’s perfect, the things that frustrate and baffle me most stem from a) behaviors that take being lazy to a new, extreme level, b) when it seems like people are willing to actually put forth extra effort (e.g. work a little harder) in order to not to be healthy, or c) behaviors that make it clear someone’s burying their head to reality.

Here are a few of my all time most disturbing categories of  unhealthy behavior:

  • The Elevator Sloth – I use elevators from time to time, and have no problem with those that use them regularly.  However, when I see someone walk to the elevator clearly without any type of physical disability/issue and without hands full of belongings, and wait for a couple of minutes for the elevator to come take them up or down a single story, it baffles me.  Where I work, there’s a very slow elevator in the parking structure.  You wouldn’t believe how many people that I see waiting on the second floor for that thing to come up and take them down one floor (and the stairs are right next to them).  Come on, your body needs to move!
  • The Parking Space Hawk – Similar to elevator trolls, the Parking Space Hawk will cruise parking lots for 15 minutes, or worse yet, sit with their cars idling for 15 minutes, waiting for a spot to open up right next to their destination (so they can walk as little as possible).  Again, baring any physical issues (which most don’t have) this just seems like a lot of effort “to not move”, not to mention it’s bad for the environment.  The irony is that most “parking space hawks” should be looking to part as far from their destination as possible.
  • The Smoking Athlete (not to be confused with the Smokin’ Athlete) – We all know people that work out, run, bike, etc., and actually do it quite well (and often appear to be in great physical shape), yet they smoke cigarettes.  There have even been a few notorious professional athletes who smoke and I just don’t get it.  I run 4-5 miles just about every other day and consider myself in good shape.  I have run with colleagues in Europe who take off like Gazelles and can out run me every time, yet they smoke regularly.  I always think, “wow I wonder how stellar an athlete they would be if they didn’t smoke?”, and I wonder how healthy they are on the inside?  This one falls into the “I just don’t get it” category.
  • The Lunchtime Oxymoron – One of my first jobs when I was 15 was working at Taco Bell.  I cooked and served food all summer and saw a lot of different approaches to diet and food choices.  Now fast food is not a good option, and you can eat a very unhealthy diet at any fast food restaurant.  You can however, make healthier choices and do alright at Taco Bell or most restaurants, if you use your head.  I used to see some pretty interesting and outrageous orders, but the ones that I found most ridiculous went something like this. “I’ll have a burrito supreme, a nachos bell grande with extra cheese (sauce), and two regular tacos, and an extra large DIET Coke.”  The emphasis was always on the word diet, because they wanted me to know that they were watching their weight.  By the way, these orders were always “for here”, so they were not taking this truckload of food back to their family of four.  I think they actually believed the diet soda made everything else alright.

OK, now that I’ve completed my version of a negative health blog rant, I feel a bit better.  Any disturbing “unhealthy behaviors” that I missed, and that should be added to the “JUST DON’T DO IT!” list?

Small steps add up!