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I’m a fan of the show Mythbusters and anytime there’s someone investigating information that is counter to a key tenet or belief, I’m inclined to at least listen.  Perhaps the experimental psychologist in me, or just a ‘contrarian’ aspect of my DNA.  Along these lines, I came across an online article titled “10 Fitness Myths” from Outside Magazine that I found very interesting.  I particularly found Myth  #1 “Stretching Prevents Injuries” interesting.  I’m going to do a lot more investigating before I make any big changes to my fitness routine, based on the brevity of this piece.  However, I have found that I feel much better after my run when I have incorporated more “dynamic” stretching vs. “static”, and believe that over-doing-it on a static stretch may have led to a recent running injury.  Worth considering some of these “myths” as they relate to your routine.

I will note that I would love to debate the author’s “up for debate” topic “Massage Boosts Recovery After a Tough Workout.”  Regardless of the physiological outcome, a massage yields an overall mental/physical benefit to me – – and they are always welcome.

I hope you find the piece interesting and I’d love to hear your comments and perspectives on these and other (potential) Fitness/Health Myths.

Small steps add up!