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As working professionals it’s very easy to spend the majority of each day sitting in a meeting or at your desk gazing into your computer monitor.  We can be so tired from sitting all day, that the first thing we do when we get home is sit/lay down on the couch, and watch an even bigger monitor.  It is a proven fact that inactivity is not good for you, and that inactivity is a key contributor to weight gain, cardiovascular issues, and many of the visible (and invisible) signs of aging – – not to mention the fact that the more sedentary you are, the more difficult it is to “get moving” – – which leads to a downward spiral.  This blog is about taking those small steps to get things moving in the right direction.  Thus, in that spirit, here are three things you can do everyday to increase your activity level:

  1. Park as far away from your destination as possible.  Not only will you burn more calories and get your heart beating, you’ll also find a parking space more quickly.
  2. Always use the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator.
  3. Walk to the other person’s office for a meeting, or instead of calling/e-mailing them.  You’ll find your office relationships may improve as well.
  4. Wear a pedometer (about $5-$10) or better yet a Nike+ Fuelband (about $150) everyday, set some goals and track your progress.  You can even join “A Mission” on Nike+ and track your daily activity against world class athletes and celebrities.

Two thousand steps = 1 mile (or ~1.6km), and it’s not difficult to walk 5,000 steps (2.5miles) while at work, if you take these simple actions and build them into your daily routine. So, get moving and do whatever you can to move more.

Small steps (literally) add up!