I’ve blogged before about the double-cross of the diet soda (Soft Drinks May Just Be Evil), and a recent post in Yahoo!Health from Prevention Magazine summarizes it into 7 reasons to “just say no” to that diet beverage.  Just picture most people you know who walk around with a 32 oz Diet Coke in their hand, and ask yourself “Do they look healthy?” and you may not need to review the list.

  1. Kidney Problems
  2. Metabolic Syndrome
  3. Direct Link to Obesity (not just a correlate)
  4. A Terrible Hangover
  5. Cell Damage (this accelerates the Keith Richards look)
  6. Rotting Teeth
  7. Reproductive Issues

Check out the full article via the link below.

7 Side Effects of Drinking Diet Soda | Yahoo! Health.
Small steps add up!