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I just red a brief article from Healthline’s Lisa Collier Cool, called Coffee Linked to Vision Loss that reviewed a recent Harvard study that links coffee consumption with vision loss.  The research findings were significant.  Those subjects who drank 1-3 cups of coffee per day were 34% more likely to contract exfoliation glaucoma (one type of glaucoma) when compared to those who abstain from drinking coffee.  And those drinking 4 or more cups of caffeinated delight per day had a 66% greater chance of contracting exfoliation glaucoma vs. the “no java for me, thank you” group.

I’ll let you read the article, which takes a nice measured approach to the research findings, and adds the initial perspective of doctors and vision specialists.  The ‘net net’, as with most research studies, is that the researchers and specialists think the findings are really important, but more research is necessary to distill this into real actions and practical advice.  Part of this cliche post-research response is very healthy and appropriate, but it also always strikes me as self-serving for researchers to say “we have found something significant, but we need to do more research.”  We get it, you like research and you need to have steady income an funding.  In essence, it sounds to me like we need to consider the amount of coffee we drink, which as other studies have shown has some truly legitimate health benefits, so that we don’t over-do-it and risk blindness.  In other words, balance and moderation, as with anything you consume, is key.

I love my coffee, and my first reaction when reading the “coffee linked to blindness” headline on the web was “stop with the studies, before I can’t eat or drink anything.”  Then my mind jumped to a moment where I was channeling the late Chartlon Heston, with a vision of some researcher trying to take away my morning Starbucks – – “From my cold, dead hands!”  Then I came back to realty.  I can deal with moderation, and know balance is critical to health and wellness in general, so I’m good.   Tomorrow, as I did today, I’m going start my day with a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning and savor it.  Then I’ll worry a just a little more when my eyes are tired from looking watching too much TV or from staring into a computer screen all day.

Small steps add up!