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Today is my first day back home following my business trip to Portland, Maine.  I didn’t lose control by any means, but the amount of “sutting on my butt” time, the number of dining experiences, frequent evening cocktails, and yes one too many lobster rolls has me needing a little extra focus on my diet and fitness plan.

I ran about 13 miles while in Maine and did my Jack LaLanne “hotel room” workout, but felt like a sloth as I came off the plane at LAX last night (and I didn’t have a hard time saying “no” to the airline food by the way).

It will feel good getting back into my routine, but a couple of days of detox will make me feel much better.

My detox plan will consist of about 64 ounces of water per day, 1,000 sit-ups/day, 1 hour weight training/day, about 5 miles/day, and no “diet vices” consumed.  I’ll run this plan up to my meniscus surgery next Friday.

I shouldn’t really need to “detox”, as steady and consistent is always better from a health and wellness perspective, but mentally I feel I must.

Small steps add up!