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Alright, I’m no LL Cool J, but I could use some love as I undergo my first surgical procedure tomorrow when I have arthroscopic surgery to clean up the meniscus in my right knee.  Not a big deal as surgeries go, but it does use general anesthesia (I think the same thing that Dr. Conrad Murray used to help Michael Jackson take a “forever” nap) and I will have an 8 week rehab period.

It turns out that two years ago, as part of my “super dad” plan, I was skating a pool with my son Jackson and I took a nasty spill.  A few minutes after I heard a parent say, “hey honey, check that Dad out, he’s skating with his son.”, all of the onlookers watched me limp away in a twisted, bloody heap using my board as a makeshift cane.  I’ve had a reasonable amount of pain ever since.  The X-rays revealed pretty healthy knees, but I didn’t have an MRI until a few weeks ago.  The diagnosis, a tear of the posterior horn of my meniscus (bottom-right on the chart above).  I was given the option of staying active and living with regular pain, or undergoing the procedure.  As someone who likes to be very active and wants a full ski season this year (and for many seasons to come), I want to get this done so that I can be more active, longer.

The real challenge for me will be to remain patient throughout the rehab period.  I can’t push it and want to heal 100%.   My goal of running 600 miles in 2012 (which stands at 582) will be in jeopardy, but that’s alright.  I’ll double-down on my upper body and risk being one of those weird Popsicle looking dudes with a strong upper-body and some wispy legs.  I will also strive to be ready to rock and roll with my full routine by mid-December, and ready to destroy my fourth Tough Mudder in February 2013.

If any of you have been through a similar surgery, I’d love to hear about your recovery.  My goal is to make decisions that will allow me to be as active as possible and I’m not willing to live with pain, unless I have to.  Onward.

Small steps add up!