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So my first few days post knee surgery were about rest, lots of liquids and ensuring that I moved my knee somewhat frequently in order to regain full range of motion.   Surgery was Friday 10/19 and by Tuesday 10/23 the swelling had gone down dramatically and I could walk around without crutches – – albeit slow and with a limp.

Check-up Friday and the doctor said my knee looked great, he reviewed the arthroscopic photos and said I could start walking for a bit more distance, as long as the surface was flat.  I walked 1 mile yesterday in just about 20 minutes, which was a bit rough, given that I had been running 7.45/miles consistently, but it felt great to be moving.

Today, I walked 2.2 miles in 40 minutes.  I’ve kept up my weight training (full upper body workout every other day) and on my running days it will be walking and stationary bike for a while.  I’ve also incorporated a few more sit-ups (1,000) and push-ups (250 military) on my non-weight training days, just so I feel better about not being able to run. Onward.

Small steps add up!