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There’s definitely a lot of information on the web, and thank goodness some of it’s pretty good. As I continue on my personal journey to improve as a person, I have found a few blogs and websites that I follow to keep me going.  In addition to great information, I love the power of community and I think our individual progress and success can be accelerated by a strong support network.  Here’s a brief list of blogs and websites that I frequent in my quest for a healthy mind and body.


Lifgasms101 – I’m a fan of those who take an “all in” approach to life. Lifegasms101 is written by Kim, who chronicles her adventures in the gym, as a sports nut and lover of life.  Her writing style is hilarious, her observations on point, and her content is “real.”  She covers successes, where she’s struggling and she has fun with it all.

Truthology.net – This is a great website and blog where Robert leverages the knowledge and inspiration he used to make some big changes in his own health and lifestyle to help others.  Truthology.net is not ‘preachy’ or one-size-fits-all, and Robert is looking to create a supportive community.  All from the perspective of someone who has been in the struggle.

No Fries for 365 – In this blog, Jason Cole takes us along on his personal weight loss, health and fitness journey as he re-engages in life and faces his challenges head-on to become the man he knows he can be.  While the title “No Fries for 365” captures part of his strategy, there’s a lot more to it than that, and Jason’s open and honest approach to his blog is inspiring.

Toenails Are So Overrated –  The tagline to this blog is “Running, Rambling and Randomness”, but this blog is a perfect mix of information and inspiration.  I only know the blogger as uglyrunnerfeet, which I personally think is a great handle, and the blog covers a lot of active lifestyle and health topics, along with her personal battle with cancer.  I love her attitude and perspective, and know she’s inspiring many.


Runs With Blisters – If you want to read a very fun, well written and positive blog on fitness and health, you’ll love runswithblisters.  Kiya (aka runswithblisters) is also a supportive part of the blog-o-sphere and has made my initial blogging experience very welcoming.

Eat Well, Live WellIn the header of this blog there’s Hippocrates quote that reads “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”  Danielle Colombo is a recent grad with a degree in Dietetics/Nutrition and Food Science.  She has great content to support healthy diet/nutrition habits, but also writes with a wonderful style and her tips are very usable and fun.


5thingstodotoday – Founded and led by David Ridings, this is a wonderfully positive, inspirational, yet simple daily blog that delivers “5 things” you can do each day to make the most out of life and (often times) make the world a little better place.  Even if you only do 2 or 3 of the suggestions you’ll feel better.  Things like “buy the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks” or “call a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while” just make you feel good.

Deep and Wonderful Thoughts – This blog covers topics relating to parenting, spirituality and life in general.  I have always kept my spirituality to myself, but find Lisa’s (the blogger) content to be positive and uplifting.  As a parent of two, I also really appreciate her stories and how she handles some of the day-to-day and more difficult challenges associated with raising children.  “How does this link to health and wellness you ask?”  Feeling like you’re doing the right thing as a parent is job #1 (or should be), so this is key to my mental health.

Character Counts – I’ve followed Michael Josephson and his Character Counts organization for years.  His writing and content on character inspires me and defines the type of world I want to live in.  Again, I like to think the “small steps” we take for health and wellness go beyond looking and feeling good, and get to “are we taking those steps every day to become better human beings?”  Character Counts provides great questions, challenges and guidance here.

Awkward Family Photos and The Onion   –  As a health, fitness and wellness blogger I have a lot of friends who think my entire life is about discipline and structure.  Those who really know me will agree that discipline and focus aren’t in short supply, but would add that I’m a firm believer in “live life to the fullest.”  Part of this mindset and what gets me through the tougher times in life is a healthy sense of humor.  Thus, in the spirit of sometimes we all need to lighten up, sit back and laugh at this crazy world in which we live, here are to web-sites that are always good for some free, laugh-induced endorphins.
There are a lot of great bloggers and resources available, and my intent wasn’t to cover them all.  These are simply some of my favorites.

Small steps add up!