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It’s been three weeks since my knee surgery and at this point my recovery is coming along quite well.  I have about 5 weeks until I can go all out, but at this point I can do the following:

  • Stationary Bike 30-45 minutes/day with reasonable resistance
  • Walk 3.5/mph 30-45 minutes
  • Traverse stairs (up/down) with confidence

I’ve also reduced the interval between sets during my every-other-day weight training and added a few hundred crunches to my usual daily ab workout.  I think the strength in my right leg is slowly coming back, but the thought of quick lateral or any twisting motion is still a bit intimidating.

Here are a couple of things that keep me motivated in my recovery:

SKIING MAMMOTH BY CHRISTMAS (watch video by clicking image below – from 2010/1011 season)

TOUGH MUDDER ORANGE HEADBAND #4 in FEB ’13 (watch video by clicking image below – from end of SoCal1, 2012)

Onward!  Small steps add up!