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We’ve all heard the adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and over the years more and more research has proven this point.  I must admit that as a latch-key kid who was raised in the 70’s and 80’s, my parents were so busy that if I wanted breakfast, it was up to me.  Thus, I always opted for a little more sleep and my first meal of the day was lunch.  It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s and my metabolism started to slow down that I read up on things that would “speed it back up” that I added breakfast to my daily repertoire.

I’ve always been blown away that this incredibly important meal in America seems to be the most disgusting assortment of grease, fat and sugar you could imagine.  Whether it’s the 1,150 calorie “big breakfast” at McDonalds, or pancakes stuffed with cream cheese and topped with glazed fruit and whipped cream at Denny’s or iHop, it seems that many people kick-start their day with the dietary equivalent of a ‘dirty bomb.’  In a recent article from Lisa Collier Cool from Healthline titled “The Best and Worst Breakfasts for Your Health”, she covers some very interesting research from The University of Calgary demonstrating significant, immediate, negative effects from eating fat-laden breakfast foods (in the study the culprit is a ham, cheese and egg muffin sandwich.  The subjects in the ‘treatment group’ literally had impaired blood flow and other symptoms correlating with hardening of the arteries right after consuming the 900 calorie, 50 grams of fat, death-on-a-plate breakfast.

The “Best Breakfast” in the article was described as “lean protein and fiber in your morning meal, such as whole-grain unsweetened or low-sugar cereal mixed with non-fat yogurt, low-fat milk, or soy milk and topped with fresh fruit”.  The “Wost Breakfast”, with a more significantly negative impact on your health than the ham, egg and cheese sandwich or any of the gross items I described earlier…  drum roll please….  not eating breakfast at all.  Thus, little Mark Alders, sleeping in an extra few minutes each morning before heading to the school bus and skipping breakfast, would have been better off eating a pound of bacon (well maybe not).

The point is you need to eat breakfast, but it should be good for you and it should actually contain things your body needs to kick-start your day and keep your metabolism motoring.  Pass on the doughnut, scone, sausage mcmuffin, etc., and eat a handful of trailmix, some low fat yogurt, or even better some Muesli (the Swiss have it right and it’s probably the perfect breakfast).

Small steps add up!