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My right knee is feeling great and I had what I’m hoping is my last post-op meeting with my orthopedic surgeon today.  At week 5 he said my rehab progress following meniscus surgery was excellent.

Key Outcomes From Follow-Up:

  • Knee is progressing really well:  Little/no pain.  Navigating stairs with ease (up/down).  Strength is coming back.
  • Continue on stationary bike and brisk walking (every-other-day) to build strength (particularly quads).
  • Cleared to ski during Christmas holiday (boo yaa!).  The doctor recommended wearing a brace when skiing until Feb.
  • Recommended that I target 1/1/13 to resume jogging/running.  Said I could start earlier, but recommended I go conservative on high impact, since there’s no rush.

Enjoy a sampling of video clips that capture my most prevalent challenge from a rehab perspective.  Click on each image below for a different angle on my current challenge.


Small steps add up!