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There’s a weird thing that sneaks up on you, if you’re lucky enough to make it Blaster-1there, and it’s called middle-age.  Much like middle-earth, it’s wrought with weird hair, leathery skin and danger.  I always had a really young look, was one of the youngest in any job I’ve ever held, was one of the youngest in my graduate school cohorts, etc., and then in a blink of an eye become one of the older souls in the room.  Went from being younger than most pro athletes to asking myself “is that referee older than I am?” Literally, it seems that you go from feeling on the young side of the continuum to feeling like you’re on the old side – without ever feeling “just right”.  Why, because by the time your body, the mirror, or life in general break through to make you realize your age, you’ve already transitioned to the dark side (you missed the transition, thinking/feeling like you’re still in in your 20’s).

I feel great, and as I’ve mentioned in my blog before one of my goals is to do what I can to stay in as good of shape as I can, to remain open mentally and to live life to the fullest.  I’m not changing this approach, and if anything will continue to double-down on fitness routine, nutrition and keeping a positive mindset.  However, as a guy with kids who are approaching their teens and who just had a knee surgery I also want to acknowledge and embrace the fact that I am middle-aged.

I think a healthy outlet will be posting a few “Diary of a Middle Age Man” entries over the next few years, so I can refrain from getting the red Porche 911, can possibly avoid making my wife’s next few years insane, and will spare co-workers from the “cry for help” spectacle that often accompanies a mid-life-crisis (e.g. too much tanning, anachronistic clothing, the “has he had work done?” guessing game, etc.).  My approach will be to chronicle some of the “ah ha’s”, challenges and opportunities that come along with middle-age, for as long as I can milk the term.  Certainly with a health and wellness (mental/physical) twist.

I didn’t get old on purpose, it just happened. If you’re lucky, it could happen to you. – Andy Rooney

Small steps add up!