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i-suck-sunburnThe sun?  Yeah, I’m a fan.  Not just because I live in Southern California where at the slightest sign of drizzle you can count on an evening news reporter standing by the freeway, in a parka talking about “Storm Watch”.  Not just because the sun gives us food, life and beach days.  I like the way it feels on my skin.  And according the most medical reports we humans can actually use 15 minutes of unabated sunlight on our skin every day, to get the proper amount of naturally produced vitamin D.  The challenge is, most of the time we get far more than 15 minutes a day (sorry Seattle), and then the sun punishes our skin.  From sun-burns, to age spots (and aging in general) to melanoma the sun poses some serious risks for healthy skin and healthy living.

I like being outside, don’t fancy myself as a parasol type of guy, won’t wear one of visorthose “welding visors” I’ve seen some lady’s driving with, and while I like the Australian rule “No hat, no play” for kids, I can’t always wear a hat.  Thus, I take precaution and have used a moisturizer with a reasonable SPF since I was about 19 – – and I think it’s made a real difference with my skin.

I just went to the dermatologist for my first check-up in a few years, and everything went well.  I really like this Dr. and he recommended I try a sunscreen product containing Anthelios.  He said right now it’s only available from the French company La Roche-Posay, and crazy-tanning-momhe followed that with a brief description of how it works.  He said it’s very light (I won’t look like a mime), and while it’s SPF is at a reasonable level (I think they go up to 60, which correlates to how long sunscreen lasts not the blockability), the Anthelios provides 100% sun 31qup5u0PXLprotection…  100%.  While images of becoming a pale, twilight fan/vampire dude crossed my mind, the Dr. said it would do wonders for my skin, aging, etc., and that I wouldn’t look like an extra from a Tim Burton movie.  So I’m giving it a try.  Ordered from Amazon today (at a lower price than the La Roche-Posay site), and it should arrive in a few days.

Small steps add up!