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4080635677_514df98cd9Yesterday marked 8 weeks since I had the arthroscopic procedure on my right meniscus.  I’ve been diligent and focused on my rehab and have spent so much time on the stationary bike that it actually feels like my butt may be in my home gym riding it right now without me.

I had what I’m hoping is my last follow-up with my surgeon last week, and things are going very well.  Here’s a brief rundown of how my knee is doing 8 weeks in:

  • As I sit here writing this post, or while at my desk, driving, standing, etc. my right knee feels like my left knee – – NO PAIN.  I haven’t felt an absence of pain for over 2 years.  Ahhhhhhh!!!
  • I am back to my ridiculous walking pace that I inherited from my Mom.
  • Zipping up/down the stairs and powering up 2 stairs per stride at work, so that my quad gets a better workout – – definitely not possible early in recovery.
  • My quad and hamstring in the right leg feels very strong, maybe a bit stronger than pre-surgery, given all of the stationary bike riding), and it feels incredibly stable.
  • The idea of abrupt turning, lateral movement, or something like jumping jacks, isn’t frightening at the moment.  As of two weeks ago, thoughts of these things would have triggered fear of shooting pain.

Snowflower2010 HDRI’ll be in the beautiful Eastern Sierras one week from today, where’ they’ve already had over 10 feet of snow this season, and I have been cleared to ski.  The surgeon recommended I wear a brace as a precaution, which I will, but I will be skiing by 12/22/12.  Boooyah!

Although the surgeon said I could probably run without pain or risking injury, he said just to be safe, I should target my first run for 1/1/13.  I’m cool with that. My 2012 goal was to run 600 miles, my surgery was on 10/19/12 and I ran 610 in total.  Thus, I think I will target 700 miles for 2013.TMSnowValley2012 (1 of 8)

Tough Mudder number 4, scheduled for 2/9, and this worries me a bit because I’ll be crawling (on my knee), running and jumping, and I’ll only have about 5 weeks of running between 1/1 and 2/9.  I will not be denied, and can’t wait.

Small steps add up!