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3owiucIt’s the new year and about 10 weeks since my meniscus surgery.  As I noted with my 8 week check-in, I was cleared by the orthopedic surgeon to begin running on 1/1/13, which I did.  I ran 5.2 miles at a reasonable pace (6.5 mph) to kick off my year.  My legs felt great, and more importantly my knee felt good during the run.  That was two days ago, so I’m running again today, and it will be interesting because my quads and hamstrings are very sore.  I’m thinking the first 10 minutes of today’s run will be more about working out the lactic acid before getting into a groove.

I’m hoping to run 700 miles or more in 2013, and without pain.  If you’re on Nike+, please feel free to “friend” me (Mark Alders, or SoCalMark).

Wishing you the best in the new year!!!

Small steps add up!