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So my knee has been feeling pretty good, and yesterday marked the eleventh week since I had my meniscus surgery.  I was cleared to start running on 1/1/13 and my runs have been great.  I really missed them and while the stationary bike is nice, there’s something about a good long, sweaty run.  Over the last 10 days I’ve run 41 miles, with a nice 11-miler today.  electric_boogaloo

I did fall pray to a few too many cocktails while having dinner in LA followed by the Conga Room.  Went out on the dance floor, Boogaloo Shrimp style, and totally forgot about my knee.  It just so happens that dancing uses every muscle in your body, which is why it’s so awesome, and deserves a special smallsteps2health post in the future all to itself.  However, I didn’t realize how much torque and twisting your knees take when you dance.  I felt a couple of twinges when dancing and it definitely caught my attention.  Made me feel old and I was frustrated that I couldn’t just throw down.  A little rest and TLC Friday and it was ready to go today.  Running felt good.  It seems to be better each day and the running and the bike are helping me build back the muscle that will strengthen and protect my knee.  I’ll be ready for my Tough Mudder on 2/9, and look forward to my next rendezvous with the dance floor.

Small steps to add up!!!