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Snowflower2010 HDRWhen it comes to getting in shape and feeling good about “body image” the winter months don’t jump to the top of the list for most people.  On the contrary, most view shorter days, inclement weather, and holiday food offerings as a chance to let the physical fitness regimen slide, to pack on some extra weight, and to cover things up with more clothing layers.  All of these variables may make Winter seem like an anti-fitness season, but I believe how you handle winter can set the “fitness tone” (no pun intended) for your entire year.

What if instead of taking a mellow, hibernating attitude during the winter, you set a goal to improve your fitness (better diet, more activity, etc.)?  Then when spring rolls around, instead of having to take off extra weight in preparation for summer, you can really crank things up a notch so that fitness_pr_bootcamp_fitnessyou could be by the best shape of your life in time for swimsuit season.  For those of you who have followed my blog, I think the best goal is one of consistency and balance – which means that summer should not be viewed as the time of the year you want to be in shape.  For good health, you need to focus on the entire year.  Instead of backing off of things during the “excuse months”, I suggest setting a few mental challenges for yourself and turning the “excuse of winter-time” into a “goal for winter-time.”

After all, if you can make a few simple, healthy choices in winter….

  • Portion size
  • Making your calories work for you (e.g. proteins, vegetables, etc.)
  • Activity (e.g. moving more, starting or increasing your workout routine)

…  then you will certainly be able to continue and build upon these choices the rest of the year and beyond.  Why not start today?

Small steps add up!!!