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I’m currently in Colorado with my wife and kids on Spring Break.  Been here a few imagesdays, and leave for Germany tomorrow for 10 days.  Traveling can pose a challenge to those who have a stringent workout routine, as well as those that think you need a gym, or at least equipment to get a good workout in.  As those of you who read my blog know, this is when I go 100% Jack Lalanne style, and sometimes come back from a trip feeling more fit than ever.

This trip will be a bit different however, because I’m nursing a few injuries, so I want to capitalize on this time to heal, while doing what I can to keep my muscles, heart and metabolism moving.  From the beginning of this blog, I have tried to convey the message “small steps add up” when it comes to your health and fitness, and I still believe this.  Thus, in the spirit of small steps, I plan on keeping things very simple over the next 11 days, while flying to and working in Munich Germany.  I’d like to share a few of the small, but meaningful things I do when traveling in order to move my body more.

Move More When Traveling:

1) I don’t use thestairs-264x300 moving walkways or escalators when navigating airports.  After sitting for hours on a plane, don’t let technology move you along after you exit the plane – move your body.  And the luggage just increases your effort and ‘burn.’

2) I take a brief, brisk walks outside, when on break from my meetings.  Ten minutes is better than five, and five is better than zero, when it comes to moving your body.  This is an easy way to get 10-20 minutes of walking into a day that is largely filled with sitting and eating.

3) I allow myself to fidget.  My kids would laugh at this, because they know I consistently ask them to stop fidgeting, when I want them to sit still.  In reality, when I’m in a meeting I am a fan of stretching, leg movement, standing behind my chair and doing whatever I need to do to keep my mind (and body) awake.

4) Walk to dinner (if possible).  Most hotel concierge desks consider a restaurant that’s over 0.5 miles away a necessary taxi ride.  I completely disagree.  As long as it’s safe and not raining (and sometimes when it’s raining), I’m walking.

5) I set goals for running (number of days, time, etc.) and a few goals for my “hotel room” workout (if there’s no fitness center.  The point isn’t what I do, which I’ve described in prior posts, but the point is to set a few basic goals, even if its just 10-15 minutes of walking, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

I’d love to hear what others do to move a little more each day, particularly when on business travel.

Small steps add up!