pretzelI usually try and write blog posts that are somewhat thematic and cohesive.  However, I woke up today in beautiful Munich, Germany and my mind was racing from topic to topic, and my energy is up.  Thus, I’ve decided that today’s post will simply be a few “Healthy Thoughts from Bavaria.”  Yes, you can have healthy thoughts and even eat healthy in the land of beer, pretzel bread, and all things “sausage-able”.

  • Making progress against my ridiculous list of recent ailments/injuries.  It was three weeks ago that I cracked my rib snowboarding with my son, and today was the first day I was able to do my full weight training routine in the gym (Thanks Westin).  I could feel the 3 week hiatus, and it hurt, but it also felt so chrome-weightsgood.  Other naggy aches also feeling better, so I may go for a run in the Alps tomorrow.
  • TMTS – A colleague of mine from Hong Kong, who also has a passion for fitness was talking to me on Tuesday evening.  She was asking how things were going and was specifically referencing the rehab from my knee surgery last year.  I explained that the surgically repaired knee was awesome, but that I hurt my other knee once cleared to run again.  She said, “TMTS”, which triggered my naive response “what does that mean” and she said “Too Much, Too Soon.”  Not rocket-science but “yes” that’s true and in many aspects of life TMTS is a bad thing (e.g. money, fame, love…..  post-rehab activity).  An acronym to remember.  Thanks Genevieve!
  • A fellow blogger and web-friend Rarasaur, whose blog is simply wonderful, had a rarasaur-icon1post today titled “The True Cost of Stress”.  As always it was a really nice piece and the message was definitely positive, healthy, and uplifting.  Advice like “Instead of the news, browse art.  Instead of brainstorming in the shower, sing.  Instead of pacing, smile.  Instead of shouting, hug.” is always welcome… and very true.  As the Lee Anne Womack song and an early blog-post of mine remind us, “I hope you dance.” 
  • Off to a Bayern Munich soccer match this afternoon at Allianz, a village in the alps for a meeting next week, and ready for my full daily fitness routine (with all Allianz-Arena-in-Germany_Beautiful-design_5483my crunch variations and not just the ones you can do with sore ribs).

Small steps add up!!!