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bwi-blws174945I just read an article in Yahoo!Shine titled “9 Ingredients Nutritionists Won’t Touch”.  It’s a very brief summary of 9 very common ingredients that are found in processed foods, how they area used, and some of the negative research findings relating to each.  

This blog has never been about lecturing on doing everything perfectly.  On the contrary, the intent has alwas been to provide one person’s view on “a realistic approach to healthier living” by taking a series of small steps relating to diet, exercise, and stress management.  Thus, I don’t expect that folks would completely steer away from processed foods, in some cases it’s nearly impossible to do so, but I do submit this article for your consideration, and think Eagle Blue 80 EC Conveying Pizzasthat it speaks to the need to manage back the number of times you consume things requiring an advanced chemistry degree to devise and a factory to produce.  

My fitness inspiration Jack Lalanne used to say “If man made it, don’t eat it”, and his advice is definitely on point.

Small steps add up!!!