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Just came across a Yahoo!Health article covering the “All-Time Best Men’s Health Tips”.  Here’s a quick summary of the tips:

  1. Strengthen your core.  – Duh!
  2. Tilt up your rear-view mirror.  – Interesting…
  3. Never eat out of the original container.
  4. Accept the latexed finger.  – Ughh.
  5. Your LDL cholesterol number doesn’t mean much. – True.
  6. Make them wait for your best offer.
  7. Don’t check in for surgery in July. – Really?
  8. Tape a golf ball to the back of your PJ’s.  – No.
  9. Drink green tea, the wonder liquid.
  10. Compliment her on what counts.
  11. Use a blow-up workout partner.  – aka a ball.
  12. Don’t blow your nose if you have a cold.  – Who knew?
  13. The bicycle crunch is the best ab exercise ever. – I prefer the ‘super-crunch’, but like this one as well.
  14. Use the stall nearest to the door (in the restroom).
  15. Everybody needs a best friend.  – Pets are good for you.
  16. Lose your gut, because belly fat kills.  – Word.
  17. Drink Chocolate Milk (after a workout).  – Yeah!
  18. Hard and fast is best. – To burn fat.
  19. Eat the bacon. – I wish I could, but the article seems to have forgotten cholesterol.
  20. Earn the promotion.
  21. Strength before cardio.  – Word up.
  22. Do unto others.  – Love this.
  23. A close shave. – Weak.
  24. Run softly.  – For increased efficiency.
  25. Leave her be.

Some good advice and interesting factoids, laced with a few pieces of cheesy advice.  You can see the list with their comments by clicking on the link and/or image above.

Small steps add up!!!