12579749-shar-pei-puppyI’m a fan of super foods and the idea of foods that aren’t just good “fuel” to run your body, but foods that battle things we humans want or need help battling.  Most super food books and articles focus on the disease fighting aspects of these killer dietary apps, but a recent article on Yahoo!Shine focused on a few foods that help fight the visible signs of aging.

If you have spent money, or are considering spending money on a product from a French designer with promises of “aniti-aging” or “age-defying”, why not spend less money on some products where there’s actual research demonstrating such claims?

Some of these products are super food all-stars, but the list provides a nice overview of the anti-aging crew:

  • Tomatoes – Among other things tomatoes help combat ‘free radicals’ which are Spinach Smoothieknown to cause damage at a cellular level.
  • Kale – A strong super food, and fighter of many ‘age related’ issues (high cholesterol, osteoporosis, etc.).  Stand up straight and eat some kale.
  • Eggplant – Fights memory loss and Alzheimer’s.
  • Red Bell Pepper – A real wrinkle wrangler.
  • Blackberries – Possibly the most referenced super food.  The first step in reducing signs of aging is to be alive.  Blackberries seem to really help with this.
  • Basil – A potential ally against cervical cancer.
  • Brussels Sprouts  – Among other things fights rheumatoid arthritis.

So if you have a good blender, how about an age-defying smoothie?

Small steps add up!!!