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I went to see The Rolling Stones last night in LA, as part of their 50th Anniversary BGCTRS212Tour, and they burned the roof off Staples Center.  I’ve always liked them, and wouldn’t say I’ve been a huge fan, but they totally delivered.  The songs rocked, the band was into it, and Mick was an absolute ball of jumping, dancing, twitching and convulsing energy.

I’ve seen Mick Jagger over the years, and knew he earned the “moves like Jagger” song homage, but assumed that this almost 70 year-old rocker would have lost a step or two.  Wrong.  He moved in a way that most would assume impossible for someone out of their twenties, for almost 3 hours non-stop.  I was literally blown away.  I know he and the rest of the band treated their bodies like chemistry experiments in the 60’s and 70’s, but Mick must be doing something right to keep his body fit and limber, so he can put on a show like that.  Perhaps a “Rock & Roll 30 Day Shred” DVD in the making?

Anyway, something to shoot for when you’re 70, because if Mick can do it, there’s no reason you can’t.YouTubeStones

I know this doesn’t show Mick bounding about the stage, but I did capture the intro to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” via the USC Choir, and it sounds pretty good for a live gig.  Click on the adjacent image for a little taste.  Enjoy!

Small steps add up!!!