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smileBeing happy, in general, should be a goal of anyone lucky enough to walk on this earth.  Health and happiness should go together, so I personally believe a healthy pursuit of happiness should be part of everyone’s “personal health” plan.  I recently read an article titled “22 Things Happy People Do Differently”, by Chiara Fucarino.  I listed the 22 “things” below for a summary:

  1. Don’t Hold Grudges
  2. Treat Everyone With Kindness
  3. See Problems as Challenges
  4. Express Gr attitude for What They Have
  5. Dream Big
  6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  7. Speak Well of Others
  8. Never Make Excuses
  9. Get Absorbed Into the Present
  10. Wake Up At The Same Time Every Morning
  11. Avoid Social Comparison
  12. Choose Friends Wisely
  13. Never Seek Approval from Others
  14. Take Time to Listen
  15. Nurture Social Relationships
  16. Meditate
  17. Eat Well
  18. Exercise
  19. Live Minimally
  20. Tell The Truth
  21. Establish Personal Control
  22. Accept What Cannot Be Changed

Clearly this list is the brainchild of Chiara Fucarino, and it is not backed up by research.  A few of the items on the list have a genuine face validity, and there is research to prove that things like meditation or taking personal control contributes to positive affect.  However, some of these items feel more like a point of view vs. empirical fact.  There are those, as crazy as it sounds, that don’t live minimally who are extremeLaughing Babyly happy.  There are also some who choose not to dream big, and while it may not make a great episode of biography, they are also happy with the size of their dreams and resulting level of predictability of their lives.  So yes, I don’t really think this list is “THE 22.”  However, I love the idea of each of us creating our own list.  We should all have our top 10 things we will consistently do to ensure we’re happy, or at least are well on our way to becoming more happy.  They don’t have to be big, crazy things, but can be small steps towards happiness.  (click on the laughing baby photo for a single small step towards happiness – – at least for today)

Here are a few of things from my personal list:

  1. Nurture Caring Relationships At Home & At Work
  2. Listen To Music that Makes Me Want to Dance
  3. Don’t Watch the 11 O’Clock News
  4. Laugh As Much As Possible


“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” ~ Guillaume Apollinaire
Small steps add up!!!