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Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joes Debut at San Diego Fair


I’ve blogged before about so called “Fair Food.”  This is the food that evolved from the sugary-preserves, powdered sugar and whipped cream topped funnel cake to all things deep fried (e.g. Tweenkies, Koolaid, butter, etc.)  I’ve had folks respond back to my former blog-posts on the topic with comments like “lighten up, it’s fair food”.  Given the fact that I can barely squeeze in between my seatmates on most domestic US flights, the size of many of the children at the local elementary school, the significant Compounding Annual Growth Rate of the average US waist band, and what seem to be catastrophic trends in obesity related illness, disease and death, I find these “fair foods” completely ludicrous.  The foodie equivalent of having a smoking booth with ways to smoke 100 cigarettes at once (“now laced with more tar and other tasty carcinogens).

My blog has never been about being preachy, nor saying what to give up “cold turkey”.  On the contrary, I believe in balance and linking small steps together to improve your health (and happiness).  However, I would ask that you weigh your options when it comes to the things you are willing to put into your body, and even what you would consume from time-to-time (e.g. ‘health vices’).  If you’re going to eat empty, fat-laden, salt-laden, calorie-laden food items, please make sure they are absolutely your favorite thing in the world, and that you don’t eat them often.  If for you that item is in the category of “Fair Food”, good luck and godspeed.

I think I’ll pass.

Small steps add up!!!