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I’ve quoted my health idol Jack Lalanne a few times over the years in my blog, and I’m re-quoting him here, by way of one of his most fundamental sayings or rules.

Physical Trainer Jack LaLanne Swimming in Harbor

If man made it.  Don’t eat it.  ~ Jack Lalanne

Easy for Jack Lalanne to say, as a man who did thousands of sit-ups and pushups each day, and celebrated birthdays into his 70’s and 80’s via ridiculous feats of strength, endurance and health.   Although, he still inspires me and I am fairly disciplined, I have chosen a path of linking small steps together to achieve health, vs. rigid, sometimes “reality challenging ” rules – – although I respect anyone with that level of discipline

Thus, my own spin on Jack’s saying would be…

Make choices to eat/drink fewer processed foods, or begin selecting less-processed foods over those that are more highly processed.

eggwhite2RI know my quote doesn’t roll off the tongue like Jack’s, but you get the intent.  I don’t think that anyone should be eating foods that are produced in factories, with lists of chemicals, preservatives, etc., but to go 100% “un-processed” is a pretty tall order for even the most devout health enthusiasts.  However, starting to reduce the degree of processing in the foods/drinks you select as a general rule, is a good thing.

There was an article on Yahoo!Shine titled 9 Processed Foods to Ditch Right Now.  Have a look and perhaps this is a place to start.  A few of the usual suspects like Diet Soda — my nemesis, but a few potential surprises as well (e.g. egg white substitutes, packaged oat meal, etc.).  Choose your path, but…

Become more ‘process-less’.  ~  SoCal Mark

Now that’s a quote.

Small steps add up!!!