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It’s hard not to notice the booming market for energy drinks, shots and energydrinksG1supplements.  There’s the category of beverages containing Taurine that started with Mountain Dew and blew up (as a market) with things like Monster, Rock Star, Red Bull, etc.  This mostly “extreme sports” or “hip hop” affiliated group of beverages is known to be bad for you, amps you up to the point of insanity, and is followed by a hard crash from an energy perspective.  These are simply chemical bombs that have been sold via cool logos and Pavlovian marketing (e.g. those who don’t play any sports, but want to affiliate with the likes of Brian Deegan and the “X Games” crew).  There’s another set of beverages like FRS, that tried to separate themselves form these Taurine-laced drinks, claiming a more natural and healthy concoction of chemicals.  FRS, “powered by Quercetin”, claims healthy, all natural ingredients and without a crash.  However, their primary spokesperson for a number of years was Lance Armstrong, and nothing sounds less natural than FRS or Quercetin.  Still another category of energy drinks are the newly expanding energy shots.  The most prevalent and successful being “5 Hour Energy”.  Again, a chemical solution to the need for sustained energy, marketed mostly through sports stars.

energy-drink-dangers1I get it, there’s a market for these products.  People want and need more energy, and these products are there as “the solution”.  So my question is simply this, “If energy drinks/shots are the solution, what’s the problem?”  These drinks are a complete cop-out, may lead to health risks, and allow millions to fool themselves.

I suggest you avoid these drinks at all cost, and focus on a few things that are proven to give you more sustainable energy, in a healthy way, and without a crash.  The ingredients include:

  1. Get enough sleep, so that your body recovers at a cellular level
  2. Eat whole foods that give your body what it needs (protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber), and much less of what it doesn’t (fat, refined sugar, etc.)
  3. Be more active and exercise (cardio and weight training).

A nice blend of these ingredients and your energy will be up.   A true deficiency of any of these ingredients and no energy drink will solve the problem.  You may be  “amped up” for a few hours, but there’s a difference in being a wired, awake zombie and having healthy energy.

I suggest you say no to the marketing machine behind energy drinks and supplements, and take a few small steps that will address the actual problem.


Small steps add up!!!