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We’ve all heard it, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  I believe this to doughnutbe true, and research would also indicate that breakfast is a) your first chance to give your body what it needs, and b) is a chance to ‘fuel up’ for the day ahead.  Well, given this high level of importance, why has breakfast become associated with some of the most fatty, sugary, disgusting “dessert-like” items in the American diet?  Donuts, waffles, pancakes, hash browns…  come on.  Many items showing up on restaurant menus these days are one step away from carnival food, and you know that we’re all just moments away from “food technician” at Denny’s, McDonalds or the restaurant of your choice proposing a Chocolate-Stuffed-Pancakes-Breakfast-BEAUTY-e1309369219837breakfast funnel cake, and there will be no difference.

Breakfast should help you, not serve as the cornerstone to an unhealthy diet.  Instead of a doughnut or bagel (which are about as bad for you as a doughnut), have an English Muffin with some peanut butter on it.  Eat some steel cut oatmeal, and throw on some almond slivers and blueberries.  A piece of fruit, some yogurt, or even a slice of lean meat on a piece of wheat toast.  There are a lot of options that are easy to make, good for you, and will give your body what it needs (aka fuel for the day).  I haven’t personally done this, but I have a few friends who have invested in commercial grade blenders, and they make fruit, veggie and protein rich smoothies to start off their day…  I may give this a snack-english-muffin_300try myself.

Find what will work with your lifestyle, level of effort your willing to put in, etc., but don’t given into the marketing or “quick serve restaurant” pull to eat things you know are terrible for you.  By the way, nobody needs to eat a “stuffed pancake”, as they’re unhealthy enough prior to stuffing.

Make an effort to start your day on a good note, and perhaps you’ll have more of them.

Small steps add up!!!