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Over the past year, since I started smallsteps2health, I’ve had a few posts covering power songs.  I’m a firm believer that life needs a soundtrack and so does your workout.  The right power song always makes me run a little faster, lift a little bit more aggressively, and generally feel “pumped up”.  And shouldn’t we all feel pumped up from time to time?

stillerheadphonesThus, in the spirit of sharing and learning, I have a few (relatively) new songs for you to consider adding to your “power song” (aka workout) list.  I know that music taste is very personal, and I love all types of music from classic rock, to hip hop, pop, dance, country, alternative, etc.  My power song list includes songs from all of these genres, but for me, it’s most important that such songs have a rhythmic beat, some degree of passion/energy (or even aggression), and that they are compelling by nature.  Thus, there are many of my favorite songs/artists of all time that do nothing for me when working out (some can actually kill a good run), and I leave them off my list.  Given my personal criteria, my power songs tend to be more hip hop, dance, pop, in nature, with a few alternative songs as well.  Very few metal or thrasher songs, because they cross over to anger and too much aggression for my personal enjoyment.  A few recent adds to my power song list follow.  You can click on the song name if you’d like to give them a listen on Amazon.

  1. “Islands” by The XX
  2. “Entertainment” by Phoenix
  3. “Out of My League” by Fitz & The Tantrums
  4. “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood
  5. “Walking on a Dream”  by Empire of the Sun
  6. “Up In The Air” by 30 Seconds to Mars
  7. “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj – (a bit older, but a good one anyway)
  8. “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus (don’t hate)

Have a listen, and please let me know if you have any recommendations of power songs you think I should sample and consider adding to my workout list.

Small steps add up!!!