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5lbsLast week I decided I wanted to trim by 5 pounds.  Given my frame, fitness routine, age, etc, I believe my ideal weight to be 5 lbs lighter, so I decided to take a couple of additional small steps to achieve this.  Since I’m pretty active and generally watch what I eat, am making the following adjustments to get my 5:

  1. Fewer Tortilla Chips.  Even though I have a sanctioned “Chips N’ Salsa” vice, I am reducing the amount of chips that can accompany my salsa in a given week (probably dropping the intake by 50%.  If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know tortilla chips are the only “chip” that is sanctioned in my diet at all (simply because I think chips n’ salsa are awesome in general).
  2. Carb reduction.  I’m a fan of carbs and while I’ve known many who have seen great weight-loss results from diets like Atkins, it’s not for me.  However, I have decided to reduce carbs by 50%, and am taking extra care to ensure those carbs I to eat are “working for me” (aka healthy carbs).
  3. Increased Veggie Volume – I’ve increased my intake of dark (greens, reds, purples) and leafy veggies.  Trying to increase this by about 50%.

green-leafy-vegetables_1It’s been about 5 days, and I haven’t checked on the scale (will do so in 10-15 days), but I can already feel the difference.  I already run 15-20 miles a week and do quite a bit of weight training, so for these 5 lbs, it’s a nutrition strategy.

Small steps add up!!!