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one-year-anniversaryOne year ago today I started SmallStepsToHealth.  I can’t say I have a huge following, but that wasn’t the purpose.  Much like my health philosophy, I’m a fan of linking a series of small steps together, in order to have a positive impact.  Thus, I may have achieved 5,000 views the hard way (e.g. 15 or so a day), but I’ll take them.  It’s really inspiring to see so many visitors from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  As well as all of the visitors from North, Central, South America, and Australia.  Cheers to all of you!

I want to think everyone who has stopped by, shared a like and/or a comment, and been a part of year 1.  I’ve appreciated the new friendships and learning, and if smallsteps2health helps you make one better decision, then I consider it a success.

Thank you!

Small steps add up!!!