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Just ready a brief snippet via slide-show called “20 Little Changes for a Healthier Life” provided by Men’s Health.  Clearly this piece was put together with smallsteps2health in mind, so I had to re-post it.  I’ll let you view the slideshow for yourself, but here’s a summary of the recommended changes:

  1. Go Fishing Once Per Week (aka at least 1 serving of fish 1/week)
  2. Dry Brush Your Teeth (or at minimum, brush and floss daily)
  3. Never Skip Breakfast
  4. Eat More Pasta (This one’s a trick.  The real advice centers around the health benefits of eating tomato sauce 2x/week… e.g. reduced risk of prostate cancer.  Here’s the deal, tomatoes are a super food, and strangely one of the only super-foods that’s better for you after it’s broken down.  Thus, you don’t really need to pasta to eat more tomatoes or tomato sauce.)
  5. Judge cholesterol with contact lenses (interesting)
  6. Decorate your plate (dark, rich colors tend to be better for you, particularly in the veggie category).
  7. Protect Your Erection With Blueberries (How much did the blueberry farmers pay to have this one added?)
  8. Request the Chilean Red
  9. Lend a Hand (purpose and happiness are correlated with longevity — give back and pay it forward).
  10. Crunch Away Back Pain (and if you’re up to it, go for super-crunches).
  11. Order Thin Crust Pizza (a simple, lower calorie substitution).
  12. Skip that Second Cup (of coffee – difficult one for me)
  13. Save Your Marriage (a noble cause that is good for you)
  14. Exercise Your Depression Away (Endorphins are great anti-depressants)
  15. Fall Asleep With Cherries (who knew?)
  16. Put a Shoe On Your Pillow (to test it’s support)
  17. Kur Your Fatigue (very interesting)
  18. Raise Your Rear View (Mirror – to help your posture)
  19. Take Vitamin E and Aspirin Dailyimages
  20. Have A Banana (Maybe the perfect food for the human body)

So a list of potential small steps to consider and all in the spirit of linking a number of good decisions daily, to achieve better health.  Hopefully, there are at least one or two here that you can add to your repertoire.

Small steps add up!!!