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SlothThere are probably as many people who have an issue with Nike, as there are who like the company and wear/use it’s products.  Not a big deal, because as a user of the Nike+ Fuelband and a number of other Nike products, I have to admit that giving money to a marketing machine that often puts style above substance is something to think about.  However, I do think their tag-line does a fantastic job of capturing the most important advice I could give anyone, when it comes to fitness…  “Just Do It!”

Just Do It! Is simple, elegant and to the point.  If I reflect on the many positive effects of committing to a workout routine over 20 years ago, I don’t give too much credit to the weights (they’re not that heavy), the number of reps (reasonable, but not overwhelming), or my gym (a small room in my house).  I give credit to the fact that I don’t miss a workout.


I was talking with my son today, about being active and how it trains our bodies about “what is considered normal” from an activity perspective.  As I was talking with him, he’s 11 by the way, I said that was very important that he be active every day.  Not just days when he has soccer practice, goes to the beach, or heads to the trampoline park (where were those when I was 11?).  I told him that a day of rest now in then is great, and necessary, but that it’s very important that you get your body used to movement and high levels of activity as “normal”, so that you naturally notice and question a day that’s lazy or inactive.  Your body should assume “I’m going to burn some calories today”, or it may begin to understand “normal” as lying/sitting around, watching TV, playing video games, and eating.  When that becomes normal, you’re in an unhealthy cycle that traps far too many people.  Thus, when your tired and don’t feel like going to soccer practice,  go anyway.  When you you’re at school and your physical education teacher tells you to run another lap, don’t complain, just run the lap as fast as you can.  Seriously, “Just Do It.”  shutterstock_102336898

OK, so Nike has clearly had an effect on me, but if you really think about it, “Just Do It” can help most overcome one of the biggest obstacles that gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle.

Thus in the words of Mr. Hand,  “Learn It.  Know It.  Live It.”  And most importantly, JUST DO IT!

Small steps add up!!!