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41161CLJust saw the headline “25 Worst Diet Tips Ever”, and I was drawn in like moth to flame.  Some of these bad tips are very frequently sighted and well known, while others are not.  I’ll let you check out the list for yourself, but to me the lesson is that there’s no simple, magic method to getting more healthy and fit.  I believe it comes down to balance and good choices.  Thus, whenever you go out of balance in any area, using any diet (e.g. dramatic reduction in calories, no fat, etc.) your going to be in trouble.  Also, if you are looking for a the dietary equivalent of a “magic bean” (e.g. fake fat, sugar substitute, etc.), you’re likely doing as much or more damage to your health in the long term than eating (a little) of the very thing you’re trying to avoid.

Have a look.

Smalls steps add up!!!