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My grandmother, who was by far the sweetest, most kind and loving individuals I’ve indexever known battled Alzheimer’s disease during the last few years of her life.  I have such fond memories of her, and while I was thankful she was the happy yet forgetful version of someone battling this affliction, it was still very difficult on her and the family.  I’ve also been close to others, not in my immediate family, where the dimentia was so severe and the affect so negative, that it created a kind of “hell on earth” scenario for all involved.  We spend our lives learning and creating memories, and the idea that we could lose it all in rapid fashion is very troubling.

Research over the past two decades has dramatically increased the knowledge-base relating to Alziemer’s.  However, there’s is still quite a debate over the precursers, triggers and what someone can do to increase their odds of being Alzheimer’s free.  A brief article from Prevention, posted on Yahoo titled 7 Ways to Lower Alzheimer’s risk by 70%-80%.  These are pretty basic actions (aka small steps), so why not add them to the mix to help improve your odds.

  1. Minimize your intake of saturated trans fats – Always good advice by the way.
  2. Vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains should be staples in your diet – Another nutritional “no duh”
  3. Get about 5 mg of vitamin E daily – From natural sources only.
  4. Pop a B12 supplement – I know there’s a lot of debate on supplements in general, but I’m not too proud to supplement
  5. Avoid multivitamins with iron and copper unless otherwise directed by your doctor – Sorry Geritol.
  6. Avoid cooking with aluminum pots and pans – Research has also recommended you avoid antipersperants containing aluminum and that you avoid drinking beverages from aluminum cans (you don’t need them anyway)
  7. Walk briskly three times a week for at least 40 minutes – Good to do for many reasons.

Remember – Small steps add up!!!