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I just saw this from Fitness Magazine and thought I’d share it.  I love running, but Running-sunremember when I started in my early 20’s that this part of my fitness routine didn’t start out with affection.  I remember feeling my throat burn as I breathed, my legs hurt quickly, I would get super hot, and I found it pretty monotonous.  So what happened over the past 20+ years to help me shift my perspective.   I became better at it, grew to like the zen-like thinking time, and found that the results of consistent running were well worth the pain.  There’s a reason it’s a hard start – – it’s really good for you.  I think a lot of people think there are “runners” and “non-runners”, but I think it’s more about fighting through the first couple of years, and then we all become runners.  So if it’s about getting through the hard-part and making it a good habit, what can you do to transition from pain to gain?  The article (from Fitness Mag) titled 8 Beginner Running Tips, offers a few great tips to help you.

  1. The Importance of Cross-Training / Balance
  2. Push Through It
  3. Make It Fun – I’d suggest a Tough Mudder
  4. Stick To The Plan
  5. The Importance of Rest
  6. Switch Sides (of the Road)
  7. Go Over The Hill (add incline)
  8. Change Things Up

I’ll let you check out the great descriptions associated within the Fitness article, but I like the advice and will be taking some myself.

Small steps add up!!!