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I did it.  I committed, threw down and invested in a Vitamix Professional Series 300.  Pricy for a Peach-and-Pineapple-Smoothie-1024x682piece of kitchen-ware, but I’ve wanted one since I was a kid and I have to admit I’ve been totally stoked since it arrived.

Yes, I know there’s a lot of press at the moment about the ills of people fooling themselves with Smoothies.  No offense, but if you’ve read the calorie and sugar information for many (but not all) Jamba Juice smoothies, you’ll quickly learn that smoothies can be a very sugary, fattening product that people drink thinking they’re being “healthy”.  However, let’s not throw the fruit-rich protein smoothies with the Orange Dream Machine.  Smoothies can be a really healthy addition to your nutrition plan.

I’m not here to sell Vitamix’s, but to be clear I can pulse, blend, grind, and reduce anything.  My Vitamix can take spinach, bananas, kale, flax seeds, chia seeds, apple, blueberries, whey powder, milk and ice, and make a healthy power-packed breakfast that’s tasty…  seriously.  As my kids will attest, I’m guilty of throwing anything and everything into my smoothies and love it.  If they sell it in the fruit or produce aisle, I’m likely to blend it.  I haven’t even begun to talk about the fact that I can make my own peanut butter, or the fact that it can make soup (and the centrifugal force is enough to actually heat the soup), but then again, I digress.

I won’t be adding calories to my daily intake, but swapping some out for very healthy smoothies.  Not sure if some of you out there “do the smoothie thing”, but if you do, please share some of your favorites recipes so that I can give them a try.

(click the image below to see a demo)


Small steps add up!!!