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Like most things in life, the healthiest, most productive path tends to find balance in a sea of competing extremes.  Your fitness routine is no different.  For the rest-more,-gain-more-22majority of the population, the major themes that characterize the struggle to create and sustain a healthy fitness (aka workout) routine center around motivation, effort, and discipline.  It’s about “getting started”, “pushing yourself”, and then “doing it consistently” and “never giving up”.  We fight to go from a state of low activity or movement (imbalance) to a state where we are consistently getting our hearts pumping, bodies moving and muscles building (balance).  This is a tough balance to achieve, because we all have multiple roles in life (husband/wife, employee, mom/dad, care-giver, etc.).

recovery1For those who fight through the gauntlet of reasons or excuses to not workout consistently, the challenge for “balance” may actually shift to that of how much time is spent stressing, challenging and breaking down your body and how much time you allow your body to recover – – aka your “Workout to Rest Ratio”.  It’s interesting that the sheer motivation required to establish a strong, disciplined workout, can lead to the scales tipping too far the other direction, where we consistently stress and breakdown our bodies (muscles, tendons, etc.), yet don’t allow enough rest and recovery time for it to build back up, to sustain a healthy, balanced, level of overall fitness.  I can think of a number of fitness gurus in my lifetime who seemed to have pushed themselves to the point of complete imbalance and in some cases an early demise.

Imbalance isn’t good for you, regardless of which end of the continuum you reside.  If you’re not moving enough, push yourself, and do what Balance (1 of 1)you can to get your heart pumping and muscles breaking down on a regular basis.  If you have clicked over and have a very consistent, challenging workout regimen, don’t forget that rest and provide the critical re-construction of your muscle fibers, as this is akey element of the process.  A balanced Workout to Rest Ratio is something to which we should all be striving.

Small steps add up!!!