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bigwavesurfingEveryone has their own risk tolerance, and seeks excitement in different ways.  This is just one area where the normal (or abnormal) curve comes into play, as we look at variation in what makes us humans.  Thus, I’m not one to preach how, or how much you push yourself, but I do think that pushing yourself into a zone of discomfort from time-to-time is important for many reasons.  This is where you test your limits, find or rekindle passion, and grow.

I was fortunate enough to have recently met the head of Human Resources for GAP Inc, Eva Sage-Gavin, and her personal story was very inspirational to me.  It was the story of a young girl of a single mother of modest means, who met life head-on, strove, has achieved quite a bit professionally and personally, and who has passed this mindset onto her own daughter.  Throughout her daughter’s life, she has consistently reminded her…

If you’re not on the edge of terror a little bit each day, you’re not growing. ~ Eva Sage-Gavin

As someone who will be working my way through my 5th Tough Mudder this coming 1380238_10202354881498584_1440245421_nSaturday in Temecula, California, this quote speaks to me.  It also reinforces the point that getting out of our comfort zone, no matter how wide or narrow, is a good thing.  Push yourself, learn, grow, repeat.

Small steps add up!!!