Eyes-on-FireNow that most of my US friends are full of turkey, stuffing, football and love, I’m thinking it’s time to turn up your calorie burn for the rest of the holiday season.  From now until 1/1/14, I suggest the following small steps to “turn up your burn”.

  • Rock 10,000 Steps / Day:  Buy and wear a pedometer, and do what you must to take 10,000 steps today.  There are a lot of simple and effective pedometers out there, and most are less than $10.  You can find them on Amazon Prime as well.
  • Commit To The Stairs:  Stairs good, elevators and escalators bad.  Is your body really so tired that you need to stand still and be moved by machines.  Move those legs and arms as much as HE_pedometer_s4x3_leadpossible – – – particularly if you’ve been sitting at your desk or on a plane for 3+ hours.
  • Rethink Remote Parking:  Don’t be a parking lot hawk and try to get your car right up against that favorite restaurant or store.  Get out of the holiday gridlock and find a spot as far from the mall entrance (or wherever your final destination may be).  You’ll be out of the muck and mire, and walking is good for you.
  • Hydrate All Day:  Drink 32-64oz of water per day, think of it as the fuel for your calorie burn.

Do these things in addition to sticking with your holiday nutrition rules (e.g. no seconds, manageable plate size, eating the healthy stuff first, etc.), and you’ll come through to the new year ready to rock ‘n roll.

Small steps add up!!!