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You can take all of the weight loss pills, gimmicks, diet fads, and money making schemes that prey upon those looking for a way to burn calories without moving their body, and archive them under “Sorry, there’s no lazy way to be healthy”.  Our bodies need to move, and yes we need to burn as many calories as we consume if we’re to maintain weight, and we need to burn more calories if we intend to lose weight.  As Forrest Gump’s Mom would say, “Stupid is, as stupid does”, and Forrest turns out to be a pretty smart fellow.  He just ran.Forrest_Gump_running_alabama_jenny

As I’ve discussed before, I know that running tends to be a polarizing fitness topic.  Folks either tend to really enjoy it, or they proclaim “I’m just not a runner – – I hate it.”  The latter is typically attributed to the fact that a) when you start a good running routine it definitely reminds us how out of shape we are, breathing is hard and pain is abundant, and b) running can be momentous.  I think there are strategies to get through both of these challenges, but I will note that study after study continue to reinforce that running is very good for you.  A recent article posted to Yahoo!Shine, titled “4 Reasons Running Is Best for Weight Loss” covers the topic in a short, pithy way.


I suggest you check out the article for yourself, but my favorite element to a good run, is knowing that the “after burn” is working for me, and that’s the fitness equivalent of a two-fer or BOGO.  There are physical reasons why running can be difficult, and as someone with suspect knees, I know this is a legitimate concern.  However, where there’s a will, there’s a healthy way.  So, I find a way.

Small steps add up!!!