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11811075275_34fff19a29One of my “OCD-like” passions, in addition to health and fitness, is photography.  For a few years now a good friend and photographer has told me I should take on “Project 365”.  Project 365 requires you to shoot, process and post a photo each and every day for a full calendar year.  Now you don’t have to start on January 1 to tackle Project 365, but I always said that if I did step up, I would ensure my daily posts corresponded to a single year.

So, much like many of of my goals, I didn’t over-think-it and decided on December 31, while enjoying a few 11846056943_83ce600f38cocktails, that I would jump in and go for Project 365 in 2014.  While there may be days without a post, due to business travel, I will a) take a photo each day (between 12:00am and 11:59pm), and b) post them to my Flickr! account as soon as I have WIFI access.

So, why post this to my Health blog?  Because my health blog is about balance, getting the most out of life, and stringing together a series of small steps to improve your overall health from a physical, mental and spiritual perspective.  Setting goals, stepping up to challenges, and making sure you push yourself, falls in line with smallsteps2health.

If you want to stop by and check out MY PROJECT 365, please do.

Small steps add up!!!