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I came down with a head-cold last night and I’ve been craving one of my all time headcoldnutrition vices… Diet Coke.  I’m down a bit physically and mentally, and while my body needs rest and good nutrition to heal and kick this cold back to ‘Germ Land’, something in my psyche is calling the fizzy, delicious, liquid poison.

So I’m drinking a lot of water, eating very healthy, and yes, I’m considering going to Subway and getting a 16oz Diet Coke.  As someone who knows they’re bad for me (and anyone else), whose posted many different angles on why Diet Coke is terrible, I feel guilty, but the child in me needs comfort at the moment, and I may vote for comfort.  I’m not someone who struggles with discipline and a binge really isn’t a concern, so the greater benefit to my overall health (mind, body, spirit), may be to allow my inner child to endulge.   Not an easy choice, as both positive and negative choices add up, but this one may perk me up on a day when my head feels 3ft thick, and I just feel under the weather.  Hopefully Jack Lalanne’s spirit won’t think less of me.

Small steps add up!!!