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A recent article from SHAPE magazine covers “The 8 Biggest Fitness Myths You Still loch_ness_monster_580xBelieve”.  You can peruse the article for yourself, but in summary they cover:

  1. It’s Better To Use a Machine (Weight Training)
  2. Losing Weight Only Happens At The Gym
  3. You Can Spot Reduce
  4. Running Alone is the Best Form of Exercise for Weight Loss
  5. Staying Fit Takes Up A Lot of Time
  6. Women Will Get Bulky if they Lift Heavy Weights
  7. You Need A Gym Membership to Stay in Shape
  8. If It Works for Her/Him, It’s Going to Work for Me

For the most part the list gets a “no duh”, but I do like a few of the classic myths that paterson-gimlin-footage-300x300it goes after, and a few “small step” values that the list reinforces.  The values are:

  1. Being Fit and Losing Weight Should Be A Holistic, Balanced Process (e.g. weight training, cardio, diet, etc.)
  2. Keep It Simple, and Then Just Keep Doing It – Whatever you do, whether it’s going to a gym, lifting weights and jogging at home, going all “Jack Lalanne” and doing loads of sit-ups, push-ups, etc….  consistently “doing it” probably trumps the debate over what’s best.  A Gym membership is definitely NOT required.
  3. Staying fit doesn’t require a lot of time, it requires stringing a lot of good decisions together, and some discipline.  Fitness actually takes a bit less time once you are “fit”, it’s digging out of an unhealthy mode that may take a little more time and feel invasive early on.

Small steps add up!!!