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In mid January I came down with a head-cold that evolved to the flu.  Felt really bad for a few days, and “not to good” for over two weeks.  Rest, hydration, and a bit more rest and I started to feel better.  I’m a driven person, so it sucked to rest for the majority of two weeks, since weight training and running have been woven into the fabric of my life for the past 20+ years.  However, when you’re body using every ounce of energy to fight off disease, you do not want to over-extend and redirect your 20-Take Your Medecine-1energy to breaking down muscle fibers – – and give the bacteria and/or virus the edge.  So, I fought my compulsion and didn’t didn’t push it.

Started feeling better the latter part of January, as my son caught what I had and took it to another level.  He’s 11, plays sports and is a tough kid, but this ‘bug’ really worked him over.  He missed a week of school, and really just stayed in bed, slept and didn’t watch TV or play video games (those are signs of feeling really bad for an 11 year old boy).  As he started to recover, my wife and daughter started feeling like crap and are both fighting solid head-colds at the moment.  I feel good, but had a slight (pre-cold) itch in my throat.  Now, I’ve beaten the bug that I caught in mid January, but I also know that these viruses morph, and that it’s possible to catch something again on the back-end of a “Family sickness” cycle.  Thus, before this thing gains any traction, I’m all in with heavy hydration, healthy eating and really watching my ‘rest to exertion’ ratio.

On a business trip all week, so I’m hoping that some fresh air, and a few days out of the “house of sick’ will break the cycle.

Stay healthy my friends.

Small steps add up!!!