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Lazy_7fb32e_519640A friend and colleague forwarded on a great article from USA Today that at first glance may get the smallsteps2haelth “no duh” award.  The article is titled, “Don’t just sit there! It could be harmful later in life.”  However, a closer read of the article and you’ll see that they present some pretty specific findings from a recent study, making the reality of too much daily “sitting on my butt” time, a bit more alarming.

The study focused on those over 60, and showed that this group spend an average of 9 hours per day sitting…  what?  It goes on to state that for every additional hour adults over age 60 spend sitting, they increase their risk of being disabled (in some capacity) by 50%.  The article uses the term “sitting disease” and links too much sitting to a number of significant diseases and ailments.  It’s definitely worth a read and some thought.

The bottom line is not a new one.  It’s kind of a “use it or lose it” thing as you get older.  If you don’t remain active, engaged and healthy, you make it harder to do so and may start a spiral of poor health that is difficult to pull out of.  Sitting around doing nothing but watching TV, tinkering on the computer and planning your next meal isn’t healthy at any age, but the older you get, it presents an even more dangerous scenario.  Push yourself to be in motion more often, do those little things that force you to move more, and stay active.

Small steps add up!!!!